Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 7

What One Leaves Behind

One of the scariest thoughts when you leave a place is that you'll be forgotten. Tomorrow, I will be training someone to take my place at work. It's uncomfortable to think of someone replacing you.

When you start to settle in somewhere, you can begin to think you're the only one who can do what you do; which most of the time isn't true.

I guess the best we can really hope for, is that we leave something good behind. Just maybe, something we did to help a colleague, a word of encouragement, or a smile on a bad day, left someone's soul slightly better than before.

A photo I took of some leaves on the ground.
I just love all the colors! Photo by Alyssa
There is the chance that we'll soon be forgotten, or worse, spoken ill of. But, hopefully, something we did will be passed on. To use my fall metaphor (which I hope isn't getting too old by now!), we shed our leaves in hopes that they will be used to enrich the lives around us. 

Fall Lawn Tip:

Now, in light of this is a practical tip I found about how to use fall leaves to compost your lawn. It's a free and eco-friendly way to use those pesky lawn-leaves! I don't have a lawn yet, but whenever I do, I will probably do this:

Tree Leaves as an Organic Fertilizing Agent

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